5 Challenges For Local Sellers In The India E-Commerce Landscape

In India, the e-commerce market has evolved unimaginably in recent times, propelled by increased internet access and digitalization of services. Also, India is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world and accounts for more than 3.4% of the overall retail market.
By 2025, the e-commerce market of India is expected to grow more than 300-350 million shoppers, which will further add to the expansion of the e-commerce industry.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Local Commerce: Good & Bad

The ongoing pandemic has only pushed further the industry’s growth with initiations of social distancing norms and scheduled lockdowns to keep people indoors. Digital shopping represented itself as the future-proof solution for the new way of living.
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the E-commerce industry, including local commerce, has seen a rise in the demand for essential items and are rushing to cater to the needs of the consumers.
However, there is one specific section that continues to face numerous challenges – small sellers. Comprising a majority of the country’s retailers, small and medium sellers have been terribly impacted by the global outbreak of COVID-19.
Here are 5 Challenges that Local Sellers Face In India’s Present E-Commerce Landscape.

Difficult Last-Mile Procedures

For every e-commerce seller, the last-mile delivery procedure is exceptionally crucial as it is essential to give the end-consumers with adequate updates about the product and purchase.
However, the conventional courier facilities present little to no flexibility or visibility about such information. This is where logistics aggregators stride in to address the issue and offer real-time tracking, updates and Non-Delivery reasons (NDR) to enable small sellers to make sales and secure a customer effortlessly.

Lack Of Technical Expertise And Proficiency

Despite India’s soaring internet penetration and smart-phone usage rates, not everyone is equipped with the necessary skills to move their business online. Lack of technical expertise and proficiency is a rather big problem for small, local sellers in today’s digital and tech-driven world of e-commerce.
Logistics enablers help small and local sellers to digitize their business, while also offering benefits such as substantial cost-saving and long-term business sustainability. Besides, online platforms also help local sellers explore new geographies and gain more profits.

Long Processes And Lack Of Accessibility

Local sellers face the persistent issue of lengthy registration methods for signing up with courier partners. Moreover, they also face other problems such as the lack of access to particular pin codes which stops them from selling to customers irrespective of their geography.
With easy-to-use logistic services that are tech-enabled, local sellers now have access to sell their products online across the country. What’s more? The registration processes are pretty prompt as the seller only need to fill in the necessary statutory details about their company to avail such services.

Brand Building And Customer Trustworthiness

One crucial business aspect that is often overlooked by local and small sellers is the importance of brand building. When you make a sale online, the job is not done. A seller, yet, has to make sure that the product reaches the customer.
Subsequently, they need to connect with their customer and build a brand reputation which ensures customer loyalty. Such actions help local sellers enhance their customer retention and acquisition plans.

Handling & Packaging Trouble

No matter the product, the packaging needs to be sturdy and secure enough to deliver damage-free products to the customer. Considering today’s distressed economy, packaging costs are way too expensive for small sellers, making it an impractical option.
Enter, logistics aggregators. With impeccable packaging solutions for reasonable costs, aggregators help local sellers provide their customers with a perfect post-order experience.

The Way Forward

As India progresses towards being the world’s largest e-commerce market, the future will be won over by those who offer seamless and sufficient customer experiences. Although small and local sellers are swiftly trying to keep up with the competitive e-commerce landscape, the assistance of third-party logistics aggregators cannot be neglected.
At Jinglebid, our aim is to empower local sellers with an online reverse-auction platform that can increase help their sales and thus, profits. Be it facilitating support for onboarding a seller, or help list product inventories, we enable our sellers with every necessary support to get started on their online selling journey. Our belief is – to grow globally, you need to start empowering communities locally!

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