“Sold to CSK! Up Next Kane Williamson at a base price of 2 crores”. Once every year, we all are thrilled about the IPL auctions. Wouldn’t you be excited if you can be a part of an auction? JingleBid has made it possible for you. JingleBid is India’s first reverse auction marketplace.

As the name suggests, a reverse auction is an auction where the roles are reversed, meaning the sellers of a product are the actual bidders. This essentially means that several sellers are bidding for a sale with one customer.

JingleBid leverages the reverse auction approach to create a win-win model where the customers get the best possible price, and sellers get increased revenue by boosting sales.

Benefits For Customers:

Buying Decisions Made Easier:

It is such a hassle to check and compare every possible outlet before buying your mobile phone for the best offer. Even if you did find the best price, you are still concerned about the genuineness of the seller. JingleBid understands your problem, and JingleBid has changed your online shopping experience through our innovative marketplace.

All you have to do is visit JingleBid and select a product that you want to buy to initiate the auction. And Done! All the sellers who sell the product will be notified, and they’ll start bidding. You can choose the seller that offers the best bid. To make your decision process more simpler, Seller’s are provided with seller ratings. JingleBid also goes the extra mile to ensure the genuineness of the sellers by accepting only verified sellers to our marketplace. On successful order placement, JingleBid will deliver the product to your doorstep. It is that simple. This bidding process guarantees you get the best price as it creates healthy competition among the bidders.

The All-in-one marketplace:

JingleBid has an extensive range of products, including home appliances, mobile phones and computer hardware. You don’t have to go on a product search adventure to multiple websites, saving you a ton of time. If the product you are looking for is not available in our broad catalogue, feel free to write to us, and JingleBid will immediately get in touch with you to find suitable sellers.

The entire process is aided by a real-time interactive interface so that you don’t miss out on the joy of actual shopping. Start your shopping journey with JingleBid by Clicking Here.

Benefits For Sellers:

Increases Sales and Revenue:

The greatest challenge for any business is to generate leads. An even more significant challenge is converting the leads to actual customers. In the case of JingleBid, all the customers have a high potential to become your customer provided that they are convinced with your bid. JingleBid is an excellent source of quality leads. JingleBid will send out a notification whenever a customer wants to buy a product that you sell. Making a sale has never been easier.

The process is transparent, as well. All the bidders have the same information. The bidding happens in real-time so that the seller can offer multiple bids based on the competition. JingleBid will provide the seller with the details of the customer upon successful order placement.

Establishes Digital Presence For Local Sellers:

The advent of e-commerce giants like Amazon has taken a toll on local sellers. However, this change is inevitable as the world is shifting towards a digital era. People find it convenient to order products on the go. It is crucial to sustaining the business of the local sellers as they are the ones who are keeping the prices from skyrocketing.

JingleBid’s marketplace is a platform to help local sellers by connecting customers with the nearest seller. Every time you place an order with us, you are helping out a local business.

The primary issue for local sellers is their struggle to adapt to modern technology. JingleBid has bypassed this problem by providing end to end support to sellers through our dedicated merchant assist team. To get started as a seller, all you have to do is Fill out this simple form.

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