Auctions have long been a popular approach for buying and selling products and services. With the advent of the Internet and the rise of Web users, auctions have moved online and are gaining popularity as it offers reduced transaction costs for both suppliers and buyers. Whereas, Reverse auction enables buyers and sellers to bid in real-time and thus delivers the best possible pricing on many product categories.

What The Future Of E-Commerce Looks Like With Reverse Auction Platforms?

In the coming years, reverse auction platforms will play a key role in how e-commerce is perceived and functions. It will also ensure quoting the current market price for the products or services procured and improve supplier relationships because of enhanced transparency.

Reverse auction platforms will be critical for both buyers and sellers for streamlining the bidding process, improving transparency and compliance amongst the concerned parties. It also will be presenting a self-reliant and sustainable eco-system for revolutionizing the current e-commerce landscape.

Additionally, sourcing products or services with reverse auction bidding generates substantial cost savings; thus, it also brings value to your overall purchasing spend.

What Drives Jinglebid – India’s First Reverse Auction Local Commerce Platform?

Each and every year, you hear about the growth of online sales, and as e-commerce continues to flourish, talk about the death of brick-and-mortar stores continues to escalate with it as well.

In today’s digitally-driven world, that opinion doesn’t seem illogical, but are the naysayers correct? Although there is some truth in their arguments, offline stores aren’t going to run out of business entirely if they can adapt and keep up with modern trends.

For local businesses to keep their foothold and beat out their online competitions – Jinglebid enables local sellers with an online platform where local businesses can directly sell their products to online shoppers.

You may ask, How Supporting Local Sellers can deliver a sustainable and superior shopping experience to you?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Buy High-Quality, Branded Products From Nearby Stores
  • Competitive Pricing As Seller’s Bid To Secure You As A Customer
  • Speedy, Safe and Convenient Delivery Of Products

Alone, we might be able to make a difference, but together we can change the lives of thousands of local sellers. All without compromising the quality of products, as well as presenting substantial savings from deals. So, Join Us And Support Local to Grow globally.

Now, for the sellers, why should you sell your products on Jinglebid’s online platform?

Here are a few reasons for local sellers to sign-up with Jinglebid:

  • Maximize Sales
  • Real-time pricing
  • Level-playing field for all suppliers
  • Fair Prices Driven By Competition
  • Get Support On Setting Up Your Products Online

As you see, Using Jinglebid’s Reverse Auction Platform Offers A Win-Win Situation For Everyone!

At Jinglebid, we continually work to bring in better upgrades, refine our logistics, as well as empower buyers and local sellers in the digital commerce era. It might not mean much to you to switch to a different shopping app, but it sure will brighten up the lives of millions of local sellers!

And if you do try the Jinglebid app, we are sure you will be happy with us – you will not get a better offer anywhere else!

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