Breaking the conventions is not easy, and it is a scary step. A group of ambitious entrepreneurs dared to break the conventions by launching JingleBid, an innovative online shopping platform that challenges traditional online shopping.

JingleBid has set its footprint in Chennai and Bengaluru and is planning to expand services. JingleBid, the Indian app, helps you save time and money.

Best Prices on Products

The primary concern of shopping online has been the uncertainty on the prices. Customers can never understand if the listed price is nominal. JingleBid solves this problem by introducing a reverse auction approach to your online shopping. In a reverse auction, customers initiate the auction, and sellers bid their offers.

When you choose your desired product from the JingleBid catalogue, JingleBid will notify all the nearby sellers. These sellers will bid their offer to you. The process is transparent as the bids can be viewed by other sellers, and they can change their bid price. The information of the customer is provided to the seller only when the customer accepts the bid. This approach has led to a decentralised marketplace where the customers have more power.

JingleBid’s ingenious idea assures that the customer always gets the best price. People no longer have to suffer the hassle of visiting multiple stores to compare prices; they can do it at the comfort of their couch with JingleBid.

All-in-one Marketplace

JingleBid has an extensive range of products for customers to choose from. JingleBid all the products to meet your everyday needs. From co cameras to gaming consoles, from water dispensers to washing machines, JingleBid got it all.

Didn’t find the desired product in JingleBid? Don’t worry, you can place a request for the product, and the JingleBid team will immediately work on finding a seller for the product.

JingleBid not only addresses the needs of individual customers but also can help with your business needs. You can order computer hardware and other products in bulk for your business and get them at a lower price.

Trustworthy Service

Have you ever read news about a customer receiving soap bars instead of an iPhone? Buying online is still daunting because customers are not sure about the service they will get, and there is a possibility of getting scammed. But with JingleBid, you are buying from a seller near you, and so it’s more trustworthy. Customers have a clear idea of where they are purchasing the product.

JingleBid offers excellent after-sales support. JingleBid’s customer service is seamless, and you can easily access the support team. They will guide you through the entire shopping process.

JingleBid goes the extra mile by doing thorough research before onboarding a seller. JingleBid goes through the seller’s track record in providing quality products and good service. This guarantees that you are purchasing from a genuine local seller. JingleBid only accepts sellers who meet the standard criteria. JingleBid takes all the customer feedback seriously, and improves the service.

Empowering Local Sellers

The entry of online shopping giants into India affected the sales of local sellers. It is undeniable that local sellers were struggling after the advent of online shopping. The Covid-19 crisis made matters worse for sellers with brick and mortar locations.

JingleBid partners with local sellers. Every time you place an order in JingleBid, you are helping a local seller make a sale. During these tough times, your order can make a big difference to these local vendors. JingleBid bridges the gap between buyers and local sellers, especially during this pandemic. JingleBid takes utmost care in safe contactless delivery of the ordered product, making shopping easy and safe.

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